About Me

Hey there! I'm PvPqnda, and I'm a Minecraft content creator.
Here's all for you to know about me!

The Early Days
I started making maps back in 2012, but on my Xbox 360 since I didn't have a computer at the time. I would create maps for fun, but I would only be able to play them with friends since I had nothing to publish them with, and they were only on my Xbox 360 anyway.

A few years later, I purchased my first computer and very quickly took interest in map making. This time, it was for the fun of it and the enjoyment of the community online, rather than just myself and friends. I didn't yet know much about commands or command blocks, as they weren't on the Xbox 360 edition of the game. I began putting my heart and soul into learning how they worked with my new computer, while figuring out how to use them in such a way to create a functional minigame, because commands and command blocks greatly intrigued me.

When I felt somewhat ready, I began working on a simple PvP minigame to make as my first public map. This turned out to be "Death By Cactus". To my surprise, it now has over a thousand downloads on the Minecraft Maps website, even though it was a simple creation to experiment with map making and get me started.
I continued to make a few more maps for fun, practice, and to gain experience, even though most of them were never finished.
A screenshot of the Death By Cactus map

Hielke has become a very good friend of mine. (He even helped me put this website together!)
Back in the day, I was a fan of his famous parkour maps that I always used to watch PrestonPlayz play on YouTube.
One afternoon in late 2017, I met Hielke on a server. Long story short, he brought me in to help him with a new map he was making called "Parkour Pyramid". It's currently on Minecraft Realms, the Bedrock Marketplace, and has over 200,000 downloads on the Minecraft Maps website!
A screenshot of the Parkour Pyramid map
Around halfway through Parkour Pyramid's creation, Hielke suggested I join him on PrestonPlayz's private map making team! This was because he knew I very much enjoyed creating maps, and it was a job for me to earn money from. My previous work was examined, and I was accepted onto the team. That's how I got into professional map making.

I spent the following two years or so creating maps that Preston requested I make, and got paid in return. For a couple years after that, I worked more closely with Preston's buddy, Bahri. We focused more on making datapacks and resource packs that add new things to the game, or changing how some of the game works, for endless videos.

Later on, Hielke and I decided to create a map together, which ended up becoming "Arrow Fight".
A screenshot of the Arrow Fight map
After finishing Arrow Fight, I got it ready for a submission to Minecraft Realms, and it was accepted.

I had been wanting to become a Realms Mapmaker for years, and when Arrow Fight was accepted to Realms, that dream came true.
Since that day, I have published a total of 4 maps onto Realms, all of which you can download
here, with more to come!

I'm still constantly learning new things with map making, and how to make maps even better and more efficient. I really love creating maps for everyone to enjoy, and I hope you have fun playing them!