Arrow Fight

November 02, 2023  PvP Minigame 2+ Players v1.3.2

Created by: PvPqnda & Hielke

For Minecraft 1.20.2

Map Description:

Both teams will be sent to their team’s island where they will quickly gather resources to prepare for the chaos that will soon strike them.
You may craft armor, weapons… ect, but you will primarily be purchasing unique arrows that each have their own special abilities.
For example, the TNT Arrow spawns in 1 TNT when the arrow lands. And the Fire Arrow lights nearby blocks on fire when the arrow lands.
You may use the custom arrows to eliminate the opposing team.
Once all players on their team is dead, the other team wins. However, you are unable to build from island to island.

  • 2+ players!
  • Cosmetic features!
  • 6 unique maps to play on!
  • Many different arrows with special abilities!
  • Custom resource pack!

Marc from Mojang:

“Resource gathering and careful exploration in the face of adversity are a theme as old as humanity itself, and the two team/two island setup speaks to the duality within us all.”

Also available on Minecraft Realms!

v1.3.2 - November 2, 2023

- Fixed Creeper and Nether arrows not functioning
- Fixed Wither Gas clouds being invisible

v1.3.1 - October 22, 2023

- Updated to Minecraft 1.20.2

v1.3.0 - June 12, 2023 - Download: World RP

- Updated to Minecraft 1.20
- Added Rocket Arrows
- Added normal arrows
- Reduced damage inflicted by direct arrow hits by 50%
- Block Eater Arrows now cost 12 cobblestone for 1
- Wither Gas Arrows now cost 3 glass bottles for 2, inflict Wither II, and have the correct potion color
- Zombie Arrows now cost an iron block and 8 emeralds for 1
- Nether Arrows now sell for 2 per purchase
- Meteors are now more visible while falling
- TNT Rain TNT now detonate slightly out-of-sync with each other
- Nether Arrows now replace logs with polished basalt
- Villager shops now fall at a normal rate
- Maps Tulip Town and Desert have been mirrored
- Maps no longer reset when the game ends
- Fixed the first round played without using the map selector beforehand always having the same ore generation
- Fixed Nether Arrows not spawning mobs, and Nether Arrow mobs now only attack the opposing team
- Fixed Lightning Arrows not activating upon hitting a villager shop
- Fixed Zombie Arrows summoning twice as many zombies upon hitting an entity than hitting a block
- Fixed spawnpoints
- Fixed invisible slimes being visible upon starting a round
- Custom arrows no longer sometimes display potion effect swirl particles upon firing

v1.2.2 - March 15, 2023 - Download: World RP

- Fixed Creeper Arrows and Nether Arrows not functioning
- Nether Arrows now replace water with lava, flowers and crops with fire, grass blocks and dirt paths with crimson nylium, and farmland and red sand with netherrack

v1.2.1 - February 20, 2022

- Updated to Minecraft 1.19.3
- Fixed spawnpoints
- Cleared sidebar of leftover debugging purposes

v1.2.0 - August 14, 2022

- Updated to Minecraft 1.19.2
- Enabled vanilla pack and made use of pack filters
- Visually smoothed out game start animation
- Made winning players invulnerable before being put back in the lobby
- Fixed fluids from different maps interacting with each other upon switching

v1.1.4 - June 13, 2022 - Download: World RP

- Updated to Minecraft 1.19
- Fixed bug making shops inaccessible for the rest of the whole round after being shot with a lightning arrow
- Updated skins on creator player models

v1.1.3 - December 5, 2021 - Download: World RP

- Updated to Minecraft 1.18

v1.1.2 - June 21, 2021 - Download: World RP

- Updated to Minecraft 1.17
- Nether portals will now break upon entering
- Added an anti-escapee function that kills players who escape the play area
- Boats and minecarts will now despawn when out of the play area
- Block Eater Arrows will now also eat falling sand entities in range

v1.1.1 - March 6, 2021 - Download: World RP

- Updated to Minecraft 1.16.5
- When a villager shop is shot with a lightning arrow, it now reverts back to its tradable villager form after 10 seconds
- The arrow shop prices have been tweaked to speed up gameplay
- Ores now drop multiple drops to speed up gameplay
- Gravel now has a 100% chance of dropping flint to speed up gameplay (previously 50%)
- The villager shop now slowly falls when the blocks below it are destroyed, rather than floating in the air
- Added capes respectively to player models in spawn lobby
- Removed the easter egg that gives players a single extra token in the winners' room