Underwater Mob Arena

June 21, 2021

Created by: PvPqnda & asluup

For Minecraft 1.17

Map Description:

Underwater Mob Arena is a single-player or co-op PvE minigame featuring 20 waves of mobs that get increasingly more difficult over time.
You must defeat all enemies in all 20 waves to win.
In between waves, you can use coins, which are obtained by killing enemies, to purchase gear in the shop!

  • 1+ players!
  • Increasing difficulty!
  • Many different special items!
  • Lobby archery challenge!
  • Multiplayer friendly!

Marc from Mojang:

“Most gamers are familiar with arena combat, where you defeat mobs one after the other in an enclosed area, attempting to survive until the very end. Underwater Mob Arena takes that concept to new depths as you complete wave after wave of aquatic combat. Defeating enemies will let you purchase upgrades to weapons, armor, or even powerful items with special abilities, such as sucking in nearby mobs or blowing your foes sky high.”

Also available on Minecraft Realms!


v1.1.0 - June 21st, 2021

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.17
  • Added axolotls to the shop to help aid players in battle
  • Performance improvements

v1.0.2 - May 16th, 2021

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.16.5
  • Tank Drowned mobs now drop 3 coins instead of 1
  • Replaced the “Defeat the mighty Elder Guardian” advancement with “Defeat a Tank Drowned”
  • Renamed the “Team Player” advancement to “Immortal” and made the advancement be granted to those who use the totem of undying normally, as well as reviving a dead teammate so the advancement is obtainable with 1 player
  • Fixed bug causing players to no longer have their perk’s potion effect applied after dying and respawning
  • Fixed bug not removing placed underwater mines after a game ends
  • Changed the iron sword and iron helmet at the “Enchant Weapon/Armor” pillars in the shop to the golden variants
  • Fixed inconsistencies with signs
  • The sidebar kill counter now resets once all players are logged off
  • Performance improvements