Dodge Tag

June 08, 2023  Parkour Minigame PvP / PvE 1+ Players v1.2.0

Created by: PvPqnda, Virale, and Hielke

For Minecraft 1.20

Map Description:

Default Multiplayer:
There are two teams:
Runners, and Taggers.
If the
Taggers tag all Runners in time, Taggers win.
If the
Taggers don’t tag all Runners in time, Runners win.

Zombie Frenzy:
All players are
Zombies randomly spawn around the map.
Tag as many
Zombies as possible before the time runs out!

There are additional settings (some are hidden) to change how the game works however you’d like!

  • 1+ players!
  • Multiple modes!
  • 12 custom settings!
  • Cosmetic features!
  • Lobby activities!
  • 3 unique maps!

Oskar from Mojang:

“Ain’t nothing Dodgy about this Tag - I mean, inherently so of course, but given the plethora of customizable options, you can pretty much shape this minigame into whatever your wildest desires contain!”

Also available on Minecraft Realms!

v1.2.0 - June 8, 2023

- Updated to Minecraft 1.20
- Made some jumps easier and added decorated pots on map Sahara
- Infecting a runner in Infected Mode no longer relocates them
- Trapdoors in the lobby parkour can no longer be interacted with
- Day times: Sunrise and Sunset are now distinguishable
- Changed the sounds of entering/exiting "Unlockables" and "Secrets" cosmetic menus
- Disabled the Cage Hat including the monster spawner spawn egg interaction tip
- Added a map title advancement
- Performance improvements

v1.1.0 - February 20, 2023

- Enabled vanilla pack and made use of pack filters
- Fixed switcheroo tag timer saying you have more time than the game timer to tag someone
- Removed teasers for maps 4-6 in the map selector (Builder didn't commit)
- Allowed cosmetic hats and shoes to be equipped separately
- Swapped toggling locations of settings Infected & Switcheroo
- Fixed lobby parkour stating a new record has been made, pushing the last record holder down, even if the new time is the same as the previous best time
- Fixed chat-sent lobby parkour leaderboard containing entity data hover messages
- Fixed inconsistency with lobby sidebar numbers
- Added a message for players who set a new personal best for the lobby parkour of under a minute, suggesting to submit a speedrun
- Performance improvements

v1.0.2 - February 20, 2023

- Updated to Minecraft 1.19.3
- Replaced PvPqnda's Twitter link with Patreon

v1.0.1 - June 13, 2022

- Updated to Minecraft 1.19
- Reduced requirement for secret cosmetic #7
- Removed the highscore already set in the hidden lobby minigame
- Fixed the "Open your inventory to view cosmetics!" message conflicting with the hidden minigame stats
- Fixed there being multiple creator armor stands inside each other in the hidden lobby dining room
- Changed the color of "Dodge Tag" in the join message from yellow to light purple