More maps are to come in the future!
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Arrow Fight

Map 1.20.2 PvP Minigame 2+ Players

Arrow Fight is a PvP minigame with custom unique arrows with special abilities that you use to shoot at the enemy team to win!

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Dodge Tag

Map 1.20 Patreon Parkour Minigame PvP / PvE 1+ Players

Dodge Tag is a parkour-tag based minigame with multiple modes for you and your friends!

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Underwater Mob Arena

Map 1.19.3 PvE Minigame 1+ Players

Underwater Mob Arena is a PvE minigame with 20 waves of mobs to defeat alone, or with friends!

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400 Levels

Map 1.19.3 Parkour Adventure 1+ Players

400 Levels is a large parkour adventure map with, you guessed it, 400 small levels of parkour!

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Survival Deathmatch

Map 1.15 UHC Adventure 2+ Players

Survival Deathmatch is a map where you use your survival skills to win this PvP adventure!

If you are going to use one of my maps or datapacks online such as in a YouTube video or on a server, crediting me or linking the map(s) and/or datapack(s) used would be greatly appreciated.