More Trim Materials

March 22, 2023  Cosmetic Game Mechanic v2.1.0

Created by: PvPqnda

For Minecraft 1.20+

Datapack Features:

  • Adds 8 more materials to trim your armor with!

  • Added Materials:
    • Sculk (Echo Shard)
    • Lava (Lava Bucket)
    • Coal (Coal)
    • Ender (Ender Pearl)
    • Purpur (Popped Chorus Fruit)
    • Slime (Slime Ball)
    • Honey (Honeycomb)
    • Prismarine (Prismarine Shard)
  • Also adds buffs to certain trim materials!
    (Disable by running “/function more_trim_materials:disable_buffs”)
    (Re-enable by running “/function more_trim_materials:enable_buffs”)

  • Added buffs:
    • Full Diamond Trim: Resistance 1
    • Full Netherite Trim: Fire Resistance
    • Full Lava Trim: Set Touched Mobs on Fire
    • Full Emerald Trim: Hero of the Village
    • Full Purpur Trim: Anti-Levitation
    • Any Honey Trim: Passify Nearby Bees
    • Amethyst Boots Trim: Amethyst Footsteps
    • Prismarine Chestplate Trim: Anti-Mining Fatigue
    • Prismarine Leggings Trim: Dolphin’s Grace
    • Sculk Helmet Trim: Anti-Darkness Effect

Survival & Multiplayer friendly

The datapack is required in the world, and the resource pack is required for all players

v2.1.0 - March 22, 2023

- Updated to Minecraft 23w12a
- Added support for trim patterns: Silence, Wayfinder, Raiser, Shaper, Host

v2.0.0 - February 3, 2023

- Added Trim Buffs
- Updated to Minecraft 23w05a

To install a datapack, drop the datapack file inside the "datapacks" folder inside your world folder, then type "/reload" in-game.