Item Burying

June 20, 2023  Game Mechanic v1.0.0

Created by: PvPqnda

For Minecraft 1.20+

Datapack Features:

  • Makes droppers and dispensers able to drop/dispense items into sand or gravel, making the block suspicious with your item as the loot inside!

  • Running “/scoreboard players set #RequireDropper ItemBurying 0” disables the requirement of dropper/dispenser usage for burying items, allowing the following methods to be possible:

    • Placing sand/gravel inside a dropped item
    • Letting sand/gravel fall onto a dropped item
    • Dispensing items up through multiple blocks, burying them as they ascend

Survival & Multiplayer friendly

To install a datapack, drop the datapack file inside the "datapacks" folder inside your world folder, then type "/reload" in-game.