New datapacks are posted on Fridays!
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Security Cameras

Want to go on adventures but check on your base? Get security cameras.

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Throwable Swords

Want to be able to throw your swords like tridents? Now you can.

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Want to become an astronaut? Or maybe a unicorn? Customize your appearance with any item you'd like!

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Shulker Chests

Want to easily move your chests full of items from one location to another? Now you can.

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Want fun new ways to set traps for your friends, or even mobs? One word. Landmines.

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Never forget where you die, so you never lose your items again!

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Sleeping Zs

Want to make Minecraft a little more cartoony? Add Zs to sleeping players!

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Armor Stand Arms

Your armor stands can't hold any items, so give 'em a hand! Or, two of them?

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More Datapacks Coming Soon!

Many more datapacks are coming soon!

If you are going to use one of my maps or datapacks online such as in a YouTube video or on a server, crediting me or linking the map(s) and/or datapack(s) used would be greatly appreciated.